The overall story arc in this video is about the immediate aftermath of a breakup and the friends who help you rediscover your happiness. To help bring closure and remind you to never settle for less than you deserve.


We open on ambient audio of a young girl in her early 20’s laying in bed. It’s morning and she’s wearing a sweatshirt and shorts, clearly not looking to leave the house. Window light pours in and a light haze fills the room. The tone isn’t depressing and dark but it’s not vibrant and exciting either. It’s clear our girl is having a rough go of things. She’s awoken to her cell phone buzzing and we see a guys name appear. She hits ignore and sees there are seven missed calls. She rolls back over, takes a deep breath, and looks out at the window, the sunlight hitting her face.


Our track starts begins to fade in as the phone buzzes again. The ambient noise fades into the background. She seems a bit annoyed. She lifts the phone to her face again, assuming this will be the eighth missed call, but this time it’s RaeLynn. Somewhat relieved she picks up and begins to talk. Their conversation is inaudible but we can still hear her voice subtly in the background. As the music gets louder we see her get up as if she’s being given directions. She walks downstairs and opens the door to find her best friend (RaeLynn) standing at the door with a cup of coffee. They smile at one another and hug.

Cut in between these moments we see RaeLynn performing the song alone sitting next to a bright white window. There are sheer white curtains creating a soft sunlight tone that matches our daytime narrative. This appears throughout the video up through the bridge.


Back in our narrative we see quick cuts of them talking as our lead gets ready and they head out the door. It’s clear RaeLynn is trying to help her friend take her mind off things by dragging her back into the real world.

We watch their day unfold. Hopping in the car and driving, listening to music, goofing off, taking selfies…we are witnessing a true friend pulling another out of their shell. They stop for gas, get flirted with by some cute guys at a red light, etc. The tone is happy and positive. Stopping for coffee our leads phone starts to ring and it’s once again the guys name (what we assume is now her ex). RaeLynn nudges, reminding her she’s better off. She declines and they go about their day.


As we begin to close the second chorus we see that their day has ended. They say their goodbyes and RaeLynn drives off. Our lead girl grabs something to eat and throws on an old classic movie. Feeling a sense of freedom she smiles to herself.

Moving into the bridge (“let it ring…”) our music fades to the background and we hear the tell-tale buzzing of her phone on the table. It’s him again. It feels like her heart sinks a bit as she sees who’s calling. She leans forward and contemplates picking up. The phone stops and she runs her hands through her hair and nervously bites her lip. This is the moment where she has to decide to either give in or move on. She picks up the phone and we see her hesitate. She hits call and we hear the sound of someone picking up. The video cuts to a few moments later with a knock on the door. The song is still playing but we can hear what’s happening. The bridge is nearing it’s end when she opens the door. In those final quiet moments of the bridge, the camera cuts to our guests perspective and our lead girl smiles with a shy shame to her face towards the camera.

As we crash back into the final chorus’ we reveal that our lead actually called RaeLynn and a group of friends. They pour into the house and create an impromptu house party full of lights, haze, balloons, and dancing. RaeLynn’s performance through the rest of the song happens inside of our house party environment as we cut back and forth between her and everyone having the time of their lives.


As the song begins to end we fade into the next morning. Our lead is laying in bed wearing the same clothes from the night before. She opens her eyes and takes a breath. She looks at her phone to find no missed calls. With a smile on her face she drops her phone to her side and sits up, basking in the sunlight as the camera pulls away.

Fade to black.