As I’m sitting here I’m quickly realizing that I don’t have some in-depth list or how-to steps behind what I want to share. So instead of attempting to drag this out I’ll just cut to the chase.

Your clients buy trust, not trends.

Over the last few months I’ve witnessed more and more artists who are so focused on mimicking the latest trends that they’ve started to lose sight of the nuances that set their work apart in the first place. I’ve been guilty of it at times but learned quickly that when healthy inspiration becomes blatant imitation, the phone stops ringing.

So what does keep the phone ringing? In my experience it boils down to remembering that trust trumps all. The talent pool in this industry, from photographers to graphic designers, is too big and too damn good for you to ride solely on your content. Today, no matter what your job title, you are also a business owner. A professional. Clients are buying trust first and talent second. They want to know, without a doubt, the moment they walk on set everything will run smoothly. That you’ll deliver quality work, keep their creative needs a priority, encourage collaboration, and take good care of their people. The word “no” does not exist. Hell, their job is to deliver for their clients and you can never let yourself forget that.

That’s all there is to it. As an artist, focus less on being trendy and more on being good. As a business owner never forget that trust, not high-end gear or the perfect eye, will always be king.

Sean Hagwell